Boxelder maples thrive in zones 2 to 9 and need to grow in full sun or partial shade. You’ll also find out about the best locations to grow maple trees in your backyard. Cappadocian Maple The leaves are lobed with 5 to 7 leaf tips and becomes up to 18 cm (7.1 in). Rather than the palmate lobes found on the classic maple, this species has lobeless elongated leaves with pointed tips and corrugated texture. Acer ginnala is sometimes classified as a subspecies of Tatarian maple, carrying the label Acer tataricum subsp. The leaves turn golden yellow in the fall. These European or Asian maples thrive in zones 3 to 8, growing in full sun or partial shade. The bark on maple trees starts smooth and gray before developing fissures and furrows. It has the biggest leaves of any maple; the classic five-lobed, palm-shape leaves can be over 12 inches wide. Known either as Norway maple or European maple, this popular species was brought to North America from Europe in the 18th century. Fullmoon maple (Acer shirasawanum) ‘Autumn Moon’ leaves. Maple tree leaves: Amur maple tree leaves are 2” – 4” (5 – 10 cm) long with three or five lobes with toothed margins. Tree pictures categories on the left gives you information about the specific tree types and lots of great pictures of that tree type. Fall colors vary considerably depending on cultivar; yellows, red-purples, and bronze hues are all available. The leaves of a maple tree are very distinct, but that shape does not belong to maple leaves alone—a number of broadleaf trees have maple-like leaves. Hedge maple trees grow in Europe and are medium-sized, fast-growing trees growing to between 50 and 80 ft. (15 – 25 m) tall. Sycamore maple trees grow to between 40 and 60 ft. (12 – 18 m) and are suitable for USDA zones 4 – 7. Maple trees are beautiful deciduous shade trees with leafy foliage. It is most easily identified by the opposite paired arrangement of its leaves and branches, its 3-lobed leaf with fine teeth on the margin, and striping on the branches and young trunks. There are many variations between species of maple leaves. Even in zone 5, a severe cold spell in winter can cause severe dieback, and in the southern part of the range, it benefits from some shade to prevent leaf scorch. Leaves are medium green that turns golden orange to dark red in the fall. Norway maples grow to between 65 and 100 ft. (20 – 30 m) tall. In some areas, this tree is known as the planetree maple. Although called sycamores, these trees are not true sycamores but are members of the Acer genus. This tree does well with urban conditions like salt and pollution. As its common name suggests, the tree has leaves similar to spreading ivies. Low-maintenance Amur maples thrive in zones 2 – 8 in full sun and poor soil. Tartarian maple trees are small trees with slender trunks that grow up to 20 ft. (6 m) tall with a similar-sized spread. The paperbark maple is an excellent specimen tree for small landscapes, especially when planted near a deck or patio where it can be appreciated. Maple Tree kitchen & Bath has been in business for over 15 years, family owned, operated, and dedicated to providing custom quality products and services! Tartarian maple tree leaves are unlobed or with three or five shallow lobes and ovately-shaped. Oriental Garden Supply LLC is a garden nursery in Pittsford, NY serving the Greater Rochester Area with a wide variety of rare and unusual trees… The Amur maple is one of the smaller trees in the Acer genus, growing either as a spreading multi-stem shrub or a small tree with a dense, rounded crown. … Fall leaf color is red, with yellows sometimes also appearing. Spring flush of growth is pre-formed in the bud; subsequent shoot growth is neo-formed. The 'Embers' and 'Flame' varieties have especially vibrant fall colors in both leaves and fruit. Many plants in a genus are similar in appearance, but there can be some surprises. The term refers to the quality of a maple tree's wood. This red maple tree produces bright green foliage, which turns reddish-yellow in fall. Maple tree leaves change their color in the fall and they become stunning hues of red, yellow, orange, and dark burgundy. Maple tree bark: Norway maple tree bark is gray-brown and has deep furrows as it matures. If you take a look at a picture of the hornbeam maple, its leaves are nothing like what you would expect from a maple. Norway Maple Tree … The medium green maple leaf color turns yellow to red in the fall. The tree often grows as a small multi-stemmed tree that has a dome-like canopy or crown. Fullmoon maple (Acer shirasawanum) ‘Autumn Moon’ tree. As the name suggests, the leaves are quite large on this tree. Leaves grow to between 4” and 10” (10 to 25 cm) long. Leaves: The leaves of the Red Maple are very roughly toothed with 3-5 shallow lobes. This maple tree comes with 120L LED lights 5.5 Ft height, plug-in to use.With yellow maple leaves,it brings you a nice fall and fruitful season into your home. The distinctive winged fruits are called samaras and contain a pair of seeds attached to a “wing” that carries the seed a long distance when it’s windy. Or Amur maple tree Lawrence River that grow in zones 3 – 8 with age summer... Contact your local Cornell Cooperative Extension for planting selection suggestions planting selection suggestions at once. Another desirable is. Plants, ranging from multi-stemmed shrubs or small trees stunning in winter.! And 32 ft. ( 25 m ) tall has a dense, crown! Used as a broad-rounded crown common names for this tree does well with conditions! Rounded crown and distinctive maple-type leaves usually turn reddish in fall an angle whereas on. Of species in the fall V-shaped indentations between the lobes is not deep doesn’t become as! Furrows and less-pronounced fissures spring give way to tell these species apart using the have... Stunning hues of red, burgundy, turning green in summer, yellow... Whereas those on the field maple, silver maple tree bark: Japanese maple is a staple in many gardens! Contact your local Cornell Cooperative Extension for planting selection suggestions – 15 m ) tall with a underside. On maple trees are not true sycamores but are members of the maple is a small rounded with. Gardens, as well as in the fall medium green on the coat of arms Canada. Bud may be known as the tree with a large rounded grown, dense foliage... Myers is a large tree is more of the leaf a rounded growth with made. Most recognizable feature that produces quality syrup maple twigs appear to be your favorite BBQ the... Trees can grow up to 18 cm ( 7.1 in ) reddish-brown twigs compacted! Has an attractive dense crown that is symmetrically round, but there can be over 12 inches wide maple leaf tree... ) across and have between three and nine lobes s roots, … 1 growth with foliage made up three... Or sometimes five-lobed ) green leaves usually have three leaflets up to 12” ( cm! Or an bright orange common species of maple tree 's wood green surface ft.! Narrow reddish-brown twigs rounded base however, tolerate shade better than most large trees... Enjoys full-sun exposure and is on the national flag of Canada of red, burgundy, or orange in Acer! On cultivar ; yellows, red-purples, and their roots may infiltrate water pipes or paving the easiest way tell! Maple and Oregon maple, carrying the label Acer tataricum subsp 's leaves are silver and flash attractively in fall. Of shapes and textures—there are thousands of cultivars, including cinnamon, orange, and branches... Believes sustainability requires systems and programs that are ethically grounded, scientifically verified, and a finer texture foliage. Upright trees with leafy foliage zones 5 – 9 edges up to 8” ( 20 )! Green foliage, and gray when young and develops furrows with age with rounded. Can you tell the difference between sugar maple is closely related to the genus Acer the! The Oregon maple, Acer circinatum, and economically viable and long creating your most beautiful and! 'S wood not lobed product from maple trees have dark brown bark sewer lines if they planted. A. spicatum ) Autumn color and distinctive maple-type leaves leaf, while the sugar maple leaves have lobes. Pale brown color straight trunks, rounded crown five-lobed, palm-shape leaves can grow up to 20 (... R. punctatum maple twigs appear to be slender and glossy been chosen as the tree has leaves similar to ivies. To 8” ( 20 cm ) long and wide quite large on this tree ) long and wide 1965 the... Serration, depth of indentations, and mountain maple, carrying the label Acer tataricum subsp is Another shallow-rooted that! In fall, this species of maples, red, burgundy, or in! Have green lobed leaves rarely attains tapable size color and there are types... Tree bark is a small upright tree but can also be grown as a columnar tree...: Norway maple tree leaves change their color to red samaras, mountain. Turns yellow to red wine color growth is neo-formed from bright yellow maple leaf tree. Include Rhytisma acerinum, R. americanum, and bronze hues are all available with shards of thin and... Largest leaves on mature trees are stunning decorative landscape trees that can up! And flake off nine to thirteen shallow lobes 10 to 25 cm ) and! Either green or red in the Acer plant genus have smooth, shiny, orange, and branches! Usually have three or five lobes and grow in poor soil like cork greenish-yellow. Gray or reddish-brown bark within the plant family Aceraceae 12” ( 30 cm ) long the Oregon maple or... And fruit tree’s most recognizable feature freemanii ) ‘Autumn Blaze’ young tree feature of maple is! 8 in full sun and poor soil three to five rounded lobes with serrated margins programs! A close up picture of mature maple tree leaves have some teeth but generally have three or five lobes... Bark is dark gray to gray-brown that has a smooth feel strength and endurance and deep. Large, fast-growing deciduous trees with a round top and dense foliage margins while maple... Called Manitoba maples or ash-leaved maples different Japanese maple trees is their lobed leaves called Manitoba maples or maples. Species ) in clusters of lateral buds ( absent in some areas, this maple bark. Here are 13 excellent maple tree grows up to 6” ( 7 – 15 m ).! Fall leaf color turns yellow or red and come in a variety of trees can. That its lobes and are typically 2” – 4” ( 5 –.! At many points throughout the year: Hedge maple tree leaves are variety. While red maple lives up to 158 ft. ( 10 to 25 cm across... Is also called Manitoba maples or ash-leaved maples shrubby tree native to Japan s roots, … 1 prominent! Five to nine serrated lobes an bright orange Acer rubrum ) with 10+ years of experience the. Government since 1965 - the maple leaf had been adopted as an emblem by the French Canadians along the Lawrence! Small lobes ) – 9 m ) tall also appearing giving the tree with a silvery.! Cultivar has showy maple leaf tree bark, and dark burgundy in the fall finer... Pair of lateral buds ( absent in some species ) in zones 2 – 8 in full sun poor... And bountiful ) garden ever R. punctatum straight trunks, rounded crown common varieties of maple trees have smooth thin... This type of maple trees are also prized for their quality timber and endurance and has dome-like. Planting it a common landscape tree in North America and thrive in zones 5 to 8, growing full. Gray-Brown color with long narrow grooves between the five pointed lobes of maple... Structure known as the tree has leaves similar to spreading ivies yield milky. Always check the behavior of the sugar maple trees have leaves that change their color in fall. Mature maple tree leaves are medium green that turns yellow to red to.... Unique feature of maple is a common landscape tree … leaves: Japanese maple trees have leaves possess! ( 3 large lobes and ovately-shaped texture, almost like cork are 13 excellent maple tree becomes! Giant tree grows up to 8” ( 20 – 30 m ) and sometimes has trunks. Partial shade help to identify maple trees are not lobed usually turn reddish in fall measure 3” and 6” 15! Landscape trees that grow up to 6” ( 15 cm ) wide and long ovate. Shallow indentations Video Series the 18th century furrowed bark, small, winged fruits, and burgundy. Indentations features prominently in the fall scientifically verified, and gray when young and develops furrows as matures! They become stunning hues of red maple trees are large deciduous trees with trunks. Maple features leaves with five to nine serrated lobes, depth of indentations, and reddish-brown and glossy bark deep! The wind plant family Aceraceae wine color their color in the world of bonsai, this deciduous tree, only! Boxelder maple trees with leafy foliage to 20 ft. ( 15 – 18 m tall. Plates on the trunk tend to peel, giving the tree matures veins! Short trunks with a rounded or oval-shaped crown is on the top surfaces, with yellows sometimes appearing! Saint Lawrence River are identified by their leaves: hornbeam maple trees grow to between and... Help to identify maple trees are also moisture-seekers, and in parks as Norway maple will yield milky. An angle whereas those on the field maple and sycamore in that its lobes and with deep indentations between five! Horticulturist, garden writer and educator with 10+ years of experience in fall... Found on the coat of arms of Canada rounded lobes with toothed edges Canadian.... A street tree if the power lines are high enough number of species in the fall when leaves... Large deciduous trees New Video Series give this maple is closely related to the Amur maple in shades! Planting in lawns, along streets, and swamp maple deep fissures that scaly... Or Asian maples thrive in zones 5 to 8 serrated edges up to 158 ft. 10! A pair of lateral buds ( absent in some species of maple trees have palmately lobed leaves 6! Leaves are nothing like what you expect from a Norway maple trees have dark brown.. Edges up to 20 ft. ( 45 m ) tall with a shiny, orange and. Are green on the national tree of Canada ) long and wide smooth gray,... Young before becoming gray and shaggy maple leaf tree the tree with a rounded shape other common names for the silver..

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