read more. Sunset from Mount Tomaree. Port Stephens fishing charters aren’t just your ticket to the best Marlin fishing in Australia, they’re a chance to discover everything these waters have to offer! I am told that the dolphins in the bay thrive on the squid. Big Rocky is an island that sits just off the coast of Port Stephens in between Anna Bay and Fingal Bay. Download GPS Files Download over 2890+ fishing spots in Port Stephens, New South Wales, AU.We have the best Port Stephens fishing spots. Port Stephens Council resolved last night to opt in to the recently introduced Rock Fishing Safety Act 2016 (the Act), to promote greater safety for rock fishing across the Port. Nestled in Port Stephens, Nelson Bay boasts waterways and beaches that make for excellent fishing. Port Macquarie Report December 7, 2020 Fishing Monthly 0. Drive an easy two hours 30 minutes north from Sydney and you’ll arrive in the natural beauty of Port Stephens. "Rock fishing, as with all water activities, does come with some inherent risks, and Port Stephens Council is committed to putting safety first. Great rock and beach fishing at Birubi Point. The nearest airport is Newcastle Airport, 30 minutes by car from Nelson Bay in Port Stephens. Sand and Trumpeter Whiting and Flounder. Quality fish are taken from the deeper water (4-6m) around rock walls at times, but usually at the bottom of the tide. 4WD the Stockton Sand Dunes. * Today Port Stephens' economy is based on tourism, oyster-cultivation, fishing, prawning, dairying, timbergetting and mixed farming. A paradisiacal coastal enclave of postcard perfect sandy coves, idyllic campsites and world-class fishing awaits on the New South Wales mid north coast. or are the squid the dolphins chase bigger ??? This weeks Port Stephens fishing report. Whether you’re an experienced scuba diver or it’s your first ever snorkel… the Port Stephens Great Lakes Marine Park boasts a range of dive sites to suit all levels. Our files contain artificial and natural reefs, buoys, ledges, rocks, shipwrecks, and many other types of structures that hold fish, in a 100 miles radius of Port Stephens. Our waterways provide excellent beach, rock, and boat fishing opportunities. with one of the best bread and butter species diversity in New South Wales. Boolambayte #* Creek BOOLAMBAYTE # *#* SANCTUARY LAKE ZONE 32°25.343 152°31.422'E Skeleton Rocks CELLITO SOUTH SANCTUARY ZONE 'S Myall River p MYALL LAKE Sugarloaf Point SANCTUARY ZONE 2 32°26.477'S 'E Pi Shore based recreational line fishing permit ed. Port Stephens Website Event Submission. There are rock-shelf rapids at 4km upstream which would be fresh. While this a known spot for rock fishing, it almost feels like you’re on a secluded beach. To make the most of your time, a car is recommended to … Written by 4WD Touring on December 15, 2020. Will... definately come back here. The times reflected in the tidal table for Port Stephens are predictions valid as references for sports fishing in areas near the coast of Port Stephens. The resort area of Port Stephens, about two-and-a-half-hours' drive north of Sydney, is a fishing hot spot and is known in particular for its fantastic game fishing. onal line fishing her t fishing is a ype of llowed. In February and March, the region hosts the Southern Hemisphere's largest game fishing tournament, the NSW Interclub Tournament , with record catches of Australian billfish species. ? ... Top place to eat in the bay great food at a resonable price with a wonderful view keep up the great work Port Stephens... Game Fishing … ... Rock walls I think are the best to target at this time of year and there is no shortage of those around the bay. One person says it is salt water to 1km. Remember that to practice any activity at sea like diving, windsurfing and fishing from a boat or underwater fishing should always be consulted with the official tide tables of the port of Port Stephens. Staff were brilliant! From estuary fishing to blue water game fishing for a variety of enthusiasts, the Port Stephens area offers excellent beach, rock, estuary and offshore fishing opportunities. Oysters, barnacles, crustaceans and baitfish are all reliable fare for bream right through to mulloway. Enjoy whale watching in season. * During the Second World War Port Stephens was used as a base by the armed forces who trained 20 000 American and 2000 Australian servicemen. Are these small squid OK for the table ??? Port Stephens is a large natural harbour which spans the 24 km between the mouth of the Karuah River to the Pacific Ocean. ... Middle Rock Village Park 784 Gan Gan Road Anna Bay Port Stephens NSW 2317 Telephone: 02 4982 1162. Rock walls attract fish and Port Stephens has loads of both. Tired of fishing the same spots? Whether you're after estuary or game fishing, you can find it here.   A covert monitoring project recorded 108 vessels fishing illegally within the Seal Rocks ‘no … You can play an unforgettable round of golf, or pet a friendly shark - Port Stephens … Tackle World Port Stephens has been owned and run by local angler, Brent Hancock for over 10 years. A mecca for a wide variety of species from marlin to trophy snapper, kingfish and mulloway. Port Stephens Australia is a 'Web Magazine' website that is dedicated to all things related to the Port Stephens region. Closer to shore, crystal clear rock pools teaming with life will enthrall young explorers. ^ TOP Visitor Information A deep, natural harbour 2.5 times larger than Sydney Harbour, Port Stephens is located just 2.5 hours north of Sydney and provides anglers with all aspects of holiday fishing. Pic: FISHING LOCATIONS PORT STEPHENS AND THE MYALL (1) The Boulders - Great Bream during autumn/winter (2) Jimmys Beach - Drifting or casting between the weed beds for Flathead. (3) Barnes Rocks - Bream, Flathead, Blue Swimmer Crabs If you haven't fished in the Port Stephens region before, ensure you get a NSW fishing license and be aware of the Port Stephens Marine Park zoned areas. The luderick fishing out off Port Stephens at this time of year, particularly along the Nelson Bay Rockwall, is arguably the best you’ll find anywhere in Australia. Could you give an opinion about where fresh water is flowing in Kore Kore Creek at Port Stephens? Port Stephens Squid - NSW - posted in NSW: Since shifting to the Port Stephens area in NSW mid coast, just recently and have wet a line a couple of times I have encountered a small squid, between 6 - 8 inches, that follow the bait up. We provide the native files for your Garmin … TackleWorld PortStephens. As part of a Mayoral Minute, Mayor Ryan Palmer said the Act supports rock fishing continuing in the safest manner possible: Known For Big Game Fishing. Illegal recreational fishing in the Port Stephens Marine Park is having a devastating impact on fish species within the sanctuary, a new study has found. Dive right in to some of the best shore diving in NSW. As a whole, the Port Stephens area boasts beach, estuary, rock and offshore fishing opportunities, which means you don't need to have access to a boat in order to catch a fish or two. With gamefishing, beach and rock fishing, sailing, water cruises, boat charters, bushwalking, horseriding, surfing, waterskiing, swimming and parasailing Port Stephens … Spearfishing is also popular off the beach, with people in full-length wetsuits taking their spearfishing equipment out along the rock platforms at the northern side of the bay. The prime time to fish for them is around 1 hour before the tide change through to about 2 hours after. Port Stephens is one of the largest and most beautiful estuary systems in NSW. The stunning back drops and incredibly rich bird and marine life make it a very special place to fish. More than anything, Port Stephens is known for its epic big game fishing, which has everything to do with location. Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie and Central Coast councils will now be able to access state government grants of up to $30,000 to help educate the community and implement the new law, with rock fishing safety signage and other awareness techniques. One of the gems in the port stephens region. Flathead fishing in Port Stephens is a relatively shallow water affair. The two-metre great white, which is believed to be a juvenile, patrolled the shore for two hours at a popular a beach in Port Stephens, just north of … Local Angler Al Austin did just that during the week nailing some cracker … Fishing is a popular past-time in the Port Stephens region, with boats lining up at the local boat ramps every weekend, all keen to get out on the water and reel in some big ones. Also out by Big Rocky lies it’s little brother, yep you guessed it, Little Rocky. The best view in the bay and the best meals at at great prices. Scuba divers can explore the sea caves, sponge gardens and shipwrecks at Fly Point Marine Park. December 8, 2020 If the weather forecasters are to be believed, it seems this weekend may finally see a fair bit of rain fall throughout the east coast of NSW. PORT STEPHENS, NSW. THEY ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR NAVIGATION. Then at what distance along the creek is it fresh water? upstream from the mouth. Typically if you can’t cast your lure from a boat or kayak onto dry land you’re too far out. All manner of species are attracted to rock walls and it’s probably because of the abundant food that can be found along them.