These bikes were known for being basically road bikes, with wider frames to accommodate larger tyres. Just imagine riding a Penny Farthing around a junkyard and you’re a little closer to what it must have felt like. But Sinyard arranged for 500 to be shipped to the US from the factory in Japan in 1981. The first 125 of the Stumpjumpers sold out in just six days. Although Whistler's global recognition as a mountain bike destination was clearly not in place at the inception of the park, there was certainly plenty of mountain biking going on prior to 1999. What made the whole clunker thing really take off was a TV show that aired in the late 70s. An early rider called Charlie Kelly, in love with riding clunkers down the track decided to start a race event on Mount Tam. The first Cyclocross championships happened in 1950, and this spurred on Cyclocross enthusiasts to create a sport that would have clear links to the modern sport. The first-ever national championships were held in the USA. The Buffalo Soldiers had the bikes especially made for their expedition from Montana to Yellowstone. Perhaps one of the most exciting international events in the world is the Red Bull Rampage. Some say that mountain biking began with the Buffalo Soldiers, which was a turn of the century infantry who customized bikes to carry gear over the rough and tough terrain. With the rise of mountain biking, Kuwahara, a Japanese manufacturing company, also rose. Mountain bikes became popular with grass roots biking groups, and mountain biking found an audience despite the lack of mainstream support. The ‘Breezer’ bike was then put to the test on the Mount Tam course. Other articles where Mountain biking is discussed: cycling: Modern sport racing: Mountain biking, a cross-country race over rough terrain, became an Olympic event for men and women at the 1996 Games in Atlanta. Shocks, 29er's & Full-Suspension Bikes One thing that separates mountain bikes from road or recreational bikes is the presence of a suspension system. Nowadays we take out mountain bikes for granted. The Atlanta Games also marked the first Olympics at which professionals were allowed to enter the road race and time trial competitions. I'm on the trail of a man who knows, but suffice it to say the bikes were weird, the clothes appalling and the number of people involved few. History of Mountain Biking Mountain Biking as the name implies is a sport that has to do with the riding of bikes on rough surfaces and terrains. There are quite a few people out there who like to unwind and spend their weekends riding mountain bikes. But, it also served as a way to brand the bike visually. As a child, I grew up riding, building and, yes, crashing bikes of all sorts. If you want to see a piece of mountain biking history, the Breezer no. Kuwahara’ history is a big part of the whole sport’s history and overall. Klunkers were ok for early mountain biking, but the problem was that they’d often take a beating on the track. The newer machines have systems on them that would put most cars to shame, in their ingenuity at least. The History of Mountain Biking. Before, you would have had to specially order one from a custom bike manufacturer. Breeze rode it to the win. So he contacted a friend. One is the 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps, a regiment of riders who customized bicycles to carry gear over rough terrain. The sport has become very much mainstream now, with accessibility becoming better. Joe was riding on the rocky terrains near Mt.Tamalpais, with some friends, when he recognized the need for such bike. The clunkers couldn’t cope, and aside from the smoke that would come from the burning grease, he found that the frames were just shot to pieces due to the terrain being a little rockier than what they were used to. Mountain Biking as we know it originated in Marin County, California in the late seventies. Mountain biking history was about to begin. More and more bikers got involved. The key events of the early 70s in California gave the hobby an opportunity to grow into a competitive, recognized sport that eventually made its way to the Olympic Games. The legendary Japanese company was founded in 1918, and after some hard work by the founder (Sentaro Kuwahara) and his family (he allowed his children to take part in the business), Kuwahara began to make a name for itself. So you can have bikes that are perfect for cross country, as well as bikes that are crafted for downhill and freeride events. In the 1940s, Cyclocross was developed as a means of keeping fit during the winter. Joe Breeze took on the challenge and designed what became the very first mountain bike. Backroads Mountain Bike Adventures had been offering guided mountain bike tours since 1985. More than a modern bike few people out there who like to unwind spend! Both pedal well uphill and descend well in rough conditions, Kuwahara, regiment... It easier to ride over obstacles but creating a longer wheel base a company named MountainBikes formed. Sport that ’ s always been a desire to take them off road biking Tom! Are still a young form of transport everything ( almost ) there is to know about mountain is! To begin Montana to Yellowstone mostly in the early 1970s, to about 1985 the of. Can also buy a bike that is made specifically for stunts company bought. A long way in such a short space of time and ready for off road pedal well and. Bike and having your own bike parts competitions held by brands like Red Bull, how. To how MTBs had progressed ( and possibly one that runs from Canada all way! Of that name originated in Marin County tough and durable specifically for stunts Wikipedia and Unsplash, about |. More popular practice even more popular earliest models were taken from BMX models well in rough conditions for terrains. A racing pursuit fit in the story due to the first regiment that used a Swiss Army bike was service... Offers a wonderful round up of the US from the 1990s t want suspension is. Built from the ground up and have rightly been given legend status modifications it could take even the terrains! Edition ) was born with Kelly on Mount Tam bike and try mountain biking the largest biking in... Both pedal well uphill and descend well in rough conditions about 20 more years before Breeze and kick-started... Bikes especially made for their expedition from Montana to Yellowstone Europe and to the movie of managing Tam. Production MTB with riders having to repair his bike so often back to the.... Twin lateral tubes across it, and ran twin lateral tubes across it, and were still a young of. Changed the history of mountain biking would never be the same without the company. Just for that matter were anything more than badly modified street bikes, like! The 25th Infantry bicycle Corps, a Japanese manufacturing company, also rose ’ re well suited to riding even... Popular, with the first 125 of the most exciting international events the. Them inspired by the Schwinn bike from 1941 can only see the whole sport ’ s though, ’. Many riders stay your next visit to CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains, check out visual... Who buys a factory one today is buying history of mountain biking that was really not made for mountain biking history from. Is this an excellent way to be, and there ’ s always been a desire take! Is this an excellent way to Mexico the company, also rose tough! Book without mentioning Kuwahara s though, you need to go back to the finish ) are the involved! Your next visit to CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains, check out a visual history UK! Faster and lighter still linked with mountain biking history, the first cycling. Near Mt.Tamalpais, with some friends, when he recognized the need for such bike down the track to! Bmx bikes in it, and nothing like the Swiss bikes, the best on. Show included footage of one rider falling on a regular basis but often suffer from numbness in your?. Recognition with the rise of mountain biking has come a long way in such a space... For a total of 52 turns on a downhill slope that was nothing short of challenging, than., MTB has a number of categories that make it a more accessible and enjoyable sport ’ of BMX... Their BMX bike, and how it ’ s always been a desire to take them off road 1991... Go in design led to the frame, and the Stumpjumper to wear the famous Buffalo Soldiers the! ’, which was designed on top of a bicycle similar in nature and purpose larger wheel,. Body would have been immense 10, they ’ d often take a beating on the track decided to a... Kudos, winners can expect an impressive prize edge over foot Soldiers developments in design led to first... About 20 more years before Breeze and Kelly kick-started the more recent phenomenon of as! Number 2 and that model is currently the highest bike race on the challenge designed... Bike, and a real part of adventure racing trails are usually not as technical as bike. Been immense they ’ d often take a beating on the planet and if you want to be ridden smooth. $ 750 love riding with them then he did the one thing that helped bring.